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Automation with AI enables your entire organization to Improve customer experience, optimize processes and reduce cost & time to market.

Business process automation can make a huge difference to your organization. Techrida offers a full range of process automation services to help modernize your business, and make the most of powerful digital technologies. Streamlining processes and simplifying your most time-consuming tasks, we provide bespoke systems that are tailor-made to meet your requirements. We work with clients all across the Nepal and would be delighted to help you with any business process automation needs.

Techrida’s Business Process Automation Services (BPAS) optimize your enterprise processes. Use a combination of cloud and robotic process automation (RPA) with embedded artificial intelligence (AI) to reduce business disruptions, human errors, operational risks and costs. Deliver a better experience for your customers and improve your business performance through enhanced Customer Experience (CX) and Financial and Human Resources operations. Achieve transformational business outcomes, powered by technological innovation.

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